Hey there! Welcome to Gybe Games website. As a young, fast-growing, and passionate gaming company, Gybe is led by its young and dynamic team. Here, talented people have lots of fun working on quality games. Our mission is to combine knowledge and creativity in a collaborative environment. We work together throughout the whole process to improve the products and boost the team members. We believe that if we are passionate about what we do and care about each other, we can develop amazing games for everyone to enjoy. Together, as a team, we create games, from innovative and fun hyper-casual games to groundbreaking casual games.

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Three friends from the sailing club. In September 2020, they decided to build a mobile gaming company and established Gybe Games with a single goal in their minds: to create a happy work environment with a unique culture for passionate people to produce quality games. Gybe Games has advanced in a short time because it focuses on people and was built on foundations of empowerment. Gybe Games continues to grow its passionate team members who are top-talent and hard working. We develop games with love for everyone to enjoy.


#2 US App Store

Ultimate ASMR filling game, creating a brand new game feeling and mechanic within a mass market theme.

Fill the Fridge is a 3D puzzle that requires its players to optimize the organization of different objects and different shelves for perfect fit.

Collect flag has an innovative gameplay, combining hypercasual runner genre with trivia.

Select the answer gate based on the question to obtain the flag, if your choice is right, collect the flag to use it at the level end minigame! Collect flag created a new trivia hype around the world both on paid and organic social networks.

Orbital Balls utilizes physics to bring you the ultimate state of flow and ASMR.

Objective is to bring down the required number of balls by hitting the right multipliers and slingshots. Orbital Balls challenges your puzzle skills within a physics based dynamic gameplay!

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